FAQ - Spay Neuter Clinic



Have a question? Here are some of the most common questions that our clients have. If you’re looking for information that isn’t listed here, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or bring it up at your pet’s next appointment.

Please read our message to our valued clients here.

Since we are a low-cost, high volume clinic we can offer affordable pet wellness for your cat or dog. Spay Neuter Clinic has operated multiple locations for thirty years and throughout the years we have developed systems that can most efficiently serve our clients and patients. We are not a full-service clinic therefore we are able to keep our overhead low and pass the savings onto our clients!

Unfortunately, we are unable to schedule appointments online or via email. Please call the clinic near you and a team member will be happy to schedule your appointment.

No, we do not keep any of our patients overnight. With an appointment, surgery drop-offs are typically between 7AM-9AM and pick-ups take place after 3PM.

No, we do not accept Care Credit. We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, and Discover only. No checks are accepted. Payment is due when services are rendered.

Yes, we do offer routine dental care. Dental prices are based on how much work is to be done and how long it will take, so the veterinarian gives a quote after examining the mouth. If the work needed to be done is out of our scope of capability, the veterinarian will ask that you go to a full service. Please call the clinic near you and a team member will be happy to answer any additional questions/concerns.

For dog patients, we typically ask that they are at least 16 weeks old before being spayed or neutered. The surgery age for kittens does vary by location. Please call the clinic directly and a team member will be happy to advise on the recommended age.

No, our services are limited for dogs and cats only.

No, we do not offer diabetes testing. We would recommend you to go to a full service.

No, we do not offer the influenza vaccine. We would recommend you to go to a full service.

A fecal test is an intestinal parasite screening; it tests for many different types of intestinal parasites including the most common parasites, Coccidia, Giardia, Whipworm, Hookworm and Roundworm. We do offer fecal testing. Please call the clinic near you and a team member will be able to provide you with pricing.

Most of our clinics do treat this however lab work is required.

The initial rabies vaccine is given for one year and each one after that is good for three years.

Boosters shots are administered on puppies three to four weeks after the initial shots.

Since it takes time for the immunity to build up within your pet’s system, waiting too long between boosters can lead to the previous vaccines becoming ineffective. You may need to start the series over. Consult with your veterinarian before re-vaccinating.

No, the microchip is not a tracking device. It is a permanent, unalterable form of identification that can be scanned at any animal shelter and at most veterinary facilities. It’s very important to keep your contact information up to date in the national registry for your pet’s microchip.

Please call the clinic you visited as soon as possible. The veterinarian will perform a courtesy re-check of your pet to ensure the patient is on their way to recovery.

Yes. Even if your pet is well behaved, whatever other animal(s) in the waiting room might not be. Also, pets can be very nervous at the clinic and may attempt to escape.

In case of an emergency, please go to the nearest emergency clinic. For non-emergency pressing matters, please call our clinic directly.

Your receipt will list all your pets and when their vaccines are due. Additionally, we do send e-mail reminders.